Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Big In Japan; Tarako Tarako Tarako

Don't ya wanna know why? Warning!!! View the flowing video at your own risk.

When I first saw this video, those girls from that movie "The Shining" flashed in my head saying "come play with us Walter, forever and ever and ever".

Also the sisters from Monster Island, forget which movie, but I believe Godzilla may have made an appearance.

At the time of this writing, I got to admit I'm hooked, can't get that song out of my head, "tarako tarako tarako" by kigurumi. It's actual available as a CD which part of me would like to buy.

If you want to see the kigurumi girls(from the video)perform "tarako tarako tarako" live, you can find that video and some Kewpie commercials that feature there song, on my YouTube Playlist.

The madness started at boingboing.net


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